How do you define a good dental clinic? Obviously, the latest infrastructure has a key role to play in the scorecard, but that's not the only thing, is it?

The need for highly skilled professional dental practitioners is immense in today's world of dentistry. Only a specialist with an extensive amount of experience and an in depth knowledge of the subject can bring about the best results. It is also equally important that the dental practitioners are well versed with their tools or shall we call it, the best in industry technology.

Patient care is our priority here at Cochin Dental Centre and we strive to honour it at every stage of our service. We know how important the needs of our patients are. Be it a simple dental checkup or a highly demanding implant operation, we always make sure to give our patients the best possible care they can get.

Kerala and Kochi at large have become one of the best destinations for dental and other related treatments for foreigners in particular. This is also due to the fact that the state has a highly skilled workforce with world class exposure and professional service not found easily anywhere else. All this coupled with the extremely affordable prices have made dental tourism a great success.

It is not uncommon to find medical tourists or dental tourists having a great time stretching out in the sun kissed houseboats of Alleppey or at the mesmerising hill stations of Munnar. This is because many tourists find it an irresistible opportunity to get their teeth in order and at the same time have a great vacation, not to mention all this at a price that doesn't burn a hole in one's pocket!

Kochi is known by many names, it's also the financial capital of the state of Kerala in India. There are many dental clinics at Kochi but finding the best dentist or clinic can be a hard thing for most people.

Here at Cochin Dental Centre we have the best in technology and the best dental practitioners which is why we are always referred to when our patients find someone in need of dental care.

Cochin Dental Centre is the brainchild of Prof. Dr. Sanil P George who is a professional periodontist and implantologist. Under his able guidance and supervision along with the unwavering support provided by his highly trained team of dentists, this establishment has seen tremendous success in delivering perfect smiles across thousands of faces.