Dental tourism may be a new term for many people but it has been picking up at a very fast pace. Some people call it by a different name, dental vacation which falls under the umbrella of medical tourism.

Medical tourism is an extremely fast growing sector in India of which dental tourism is a subset. Annual sectoral growth rate is pegged at a whopping 30% bringing in billions of dollars worth of forex into the country. Over the years the cost of medical care in the west is on an uptrend. This has put it outside the domain of affordability for many. As a result of this price rise many westerners have found refuge under Indian medical care. It is estimated that more than 1,50,000 people visit India for affordable healthcare procedures.

In Dental tourism the individual who seeks such care travels to a nation or place usually with a lower cost of living but a high quality of service. As this world becomes more interconnected and as barriers start falling the transfer of material and technology becomes really quick. This has translated to significant service cost reductions which gets passed on to the patient.

India is enjoying an enviable spot on the international dental tourism stage. Annually thousands come here for treatment form countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, the European Nations etc. For World Class and low cost dental treatments India is the best destination.

Apart from the cost and quality advantage India is a very attractive country as far as travellers are concerned which gives the treatment seekers an opportunity to explore the country.

With numerous historical sites, world famous beaches, mountains, heritage sites, religious places, forts, natural scenery and unique destinations India quite naturally wins her spot in any heart. India has one of the largest expat doctor communities in the world which has resulted in good quality practices coming back home. Most major private run clinics and hospitals have extremely qualified, skilled and internationally exposed doctors and staffs working in them.

The very idea of saving around 70% on the cost of treatment is in itself a huge treat for most tourists. When comparing the rates of treatment in the US, UK, Australia or Europe Dental and cosmetic surgeries in India would only cost a fraction of that amount.

When compared to other kinds of medical treatments, dental surgeries take up very little time and the duration for recovery is usually low and hence many tourists have a pleasant travel experience while enjoying his or her holidays in between sessions or after.

The question of language barrier goes right out of the window as most practitioners and staff are fluent in English. Good communication makes patients more comfortable and confident. In the United Kingdom the ballooning costs of dental procedures along with the lengthy waits at NHS has made it something close to impossible to get a world-class treatment at digestible rates. Correction of dental flaws in many western hospitals can give one a bloodbath of a bill which is partly the reason for declining interest in such procedures there. It is a great thing to know that India has come a long way in giving quality dental treatments at rock bottom rates never seen anywhere else.

Procedures that fit every pocket, that’s how foreign patients see in India’s rising dental industry. It is a fact and most people find it hard to believe that treatments here in India can come out as cheap as one tenth the price they are charged in their home countries! All this without even the slightest drop in quality. Even after adding one’s travel cost to this bill you can be sure that it will still be a lot cheaper to get the procedure done here than anywhere else. Since most dental clinics have a website, one can check that up online and do an in depth research of the clinic or institution and see if it meets the standards. The doctors, their qualifications, their specialisations, the cases that they have done and just about everything can be found out by accessing their websites. You can contact them via mail or on their cell phone to have a more transparent talk regarding everything. Everything from your accommodation, travel destinations (if intended), appointment and dental condition can be communicated before actually coming in face to face contact with your practitioner. With high-tech and sophisticated medical facilities available at low rates and with tourism prospects that complement the visit, India tops the list in arranging for secure, safe and satisfying health vacations for patients from across the world. Even underdeveloped nations have witnessed a demand for Indian dental practitioners.

Quality, availability and cost has been fuelling this phenomenal growth seen the Indian Dental tourism Industry. The luxury of an English speaking population that’s technologically on par with international counterparts coupled with competence, alternative medicine and attractive tourist spots are among the largest factors for shaping the nation as a dental tourism destination.

It is worth mentioning about the true experience of an Indian doctor when compared with someone from a western country. Take the case of a surgeon from India who would have acquired in span of 10 years time more experience both in terms of exposure to complex cases and scale of procedures than what typical surgeon in the US would have acquired in about 30 years time. So, a Indian doctor with an experience of 20 years would in actuality be having an experience of an american doctor of 60 years of experience (comparing scope and scale of exposure).

In India the state of Kerala is known for its highly skilled workforce usually with degrees and experiences from foreign universities and countries respectively. This has made the state stand out both in terms of quality of dental procedures and shear volume of such treatments.

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