Most people get uneasy when they here the term root canal treatment. This is because they have a very different kind of perception as far as treatment is concerned. They think it is extremely painful and unbearable and shy away from their dentists because of this misunderstanding. Their understanding that the procedure was painful took place a long time before modern day techniques, technological advances and pain relieving anesthetics were introduced into dentistry.

As far as discomfort is concerned, a root canal treatment would share the same stage as a simple dental filling treatment would. Ask any patient who has undergone root canal treatment and they would tell you that it is painless and the discomforts associated with it are negligible. A study conducted has concluded that patients undergoing the treatment a second time are much more at ease than those who are undergoing the same for the first time.

The tooth anatomy reveals that it is composed of a dentin which is a hard layer with the inner soft pulp and outer white enamel. The soft pulp extends from the crown to the root of the tooth. When infection spreads into the pulp it becomes important for you to have a root canal treatment.

- Tooth has cracked or fractured

- Tooth decay that has spread itself into the depths of the tooth.

- The performance of numerous or multiple dental procedures.

- Any kind of trauma or injury inflicted upon the tooth.

It is common to experience a level of discomfort that ranges from mild to extreme throbbing pain.

The pain may be felt more sharply when you perform daily tasks like chewing food, exposure to beverages that are hot or cold, brushing teeth etc.

Some patients can be so severely affected that they might be woken up from their sleep.

The first step is the removal of infected or inflamed pulp and then cleaning and disinfecting the concerned section. The next stage is irrigation and filling of the root canal. Then the tooth is to be restored using a like coloured filling or a permanent crown which will help to restore the tooth and aid in normal functioning of the tooth just like your natural teeth.

The entire purpose of this procedure is to remove the infected portion of the tooth that contains the nerves. This is the root cause of pain.

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