Irrespective of age everybody has to deal with tooth chipping or breakage and it has become quite common. If the entire tooth comes off then it can be dealt with by the use of dental implants but traditionally when a piece of the tooth falls off, dentists remove the tooth completely to replace it with an implant. That being said, with the current advancements in technology the use of veneers in Kochi have never been as popular as it is now!

It is the perfect remedy for anyone who has been put up in a situation where they would like to realign their teeth or tooth or get fixed a lost part. Veneers are basically shell casings made of porcelain which are custom made to fulfill your needs by our extremely skilled team of dentists. Here we are capable of completely blending the casing with your natural teeth irrespective of shades and forms. These procedures can even be executed in one visit which are then called "non-Prep veneers". On the other had the usual procedure could take about two visits and this is only because our dental team would have to analyse the structure of your teeth and methodically prepare for your procedure rather than fitting the casings directly on to your teeth.

The best part is that the procedure is painless and has to do with more on the surface of your teeth by removing plaque in order to ensure that the casings are fitted in a uniform and blended manner. The blending is so uniform and perfect that it would take a very trained eye to spot even a small difference. This procedure results in a permanent fix and if give proper care by avoiding certain types of foods such as coffee (to prevent staining) you are good to go for a long time thereby making the best out of this procedure.

Many casings are prepared in such a manner that people who are dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth can have a perfect smile by placing the right shaped or elongated type of casings.

If you are someone who has minute gaps between your teeth that cannot be changed by the use of braces, or are on the search for a process which takes very less time to show results then this procedure is perfect as it is an instant fix!

Even if you wish to get your teeth bleached or any other kind of cosmetic processes, our dentists at Cochin Dental Centre at Kakkanad, Kochi, will advice you on how we can proceed in a manner that won't make your veneers stand out. Our dentists are highly trained to match the dental casings to any other shade as need be and all post-procedure processes are non-exhaustive. In most cases the overall procedure may take upto 2 hours, all the more reason for you to make use of this treatment especially if you have a busy work schedule.

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